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Thursday, June 28, 2012

strawberry picking

i have had an urge to go strawberry picking for weeks now, but we have been just so busy lately.  the other day, i called our local strawberry farm and found out that it was the last day for strawberry picking.  so, ryan and i decided that we better hurry before we lost our chance.  the weather was absolutely perfect, the smell of strawberries was unbelievable, and we practically had the whole field to ourselves.  we picked some of the cutest strawberries i have ever seen, and maybe we were guilty of sampling just a few of them too.  just maybe.

we ended up with over five pounds of strawberries!  i swear we planned on only picking a "few" just for the experience, but i guess we got a little carried away.  so, now i have some big plans for these little berries.  we already kicked off the strawberry fest at our house the other night with slices of angel food cake topped with a scoop of vanilla-bean ice cream and tons of strawberries.  i'm looking forward to making a few other desserts with these strawberries too!

you know, there is something absolutely magical about standing in the middle of a strawberry field with your husband on a bright and sunny day, while a cool breeze blows past you.  i'm telling you . . . magical.  maybe i fell in love with him all over again.  just maybe.


Talia Jensen said...

what are the odds, you made it just in time :) these photos are all so beautiful and i'm loving your shirt too

Mom H. said...

Your photos are beautiful! What a pretty day too! It reminds me of picking strawberries with Ryan when he was little - one for the basket and one for him, one for the basket and one for him!