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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

d.i.y. hello apparel sweatshirt

there are a ton of cute graphic print sweatshirts for sale on the internet these days.  however, most of them are crazy expensive.  for example, i love this green sweatshirt from hello apparel . . . but it is $50!  i know it's cute and all, but at that price you have got to be kidding me.  that's entirely too much money for a sweatshirt.

since i'm not willing to shell out fifty buckaroos on the real deal, i decided to make my own.  you may remember that i shared a tutorial last march for how to make your own graphic print sweatshirt.  i followed those same steps and made my own hello apparel sweatshirt!

this project was fun to do, and cost just a fraction of the price of the real one.  i bought a sweater on clearance at target for only $2.24 and i used all of the same supplies that i had leftover from when i made my happy camper sweatshirt last year.

you can't beat an inexpensive and fun project!

 ^just $2.24 for this sweatshirt!  i couldn't believe it!^
 ^i drew the design on freezer paper with a pencil^
^then i used an exacto knife to cut out the letters^
^i ironed the freezer paper onto the sweatshirt^
^first coat of paint^
^second coat of paint^
^i let the paint dry overnight, then i peeled off the freezer paper^
there you have it!
super simple and super cute!

love, laurie

1 comment:

ma pa camlet said...

Wow how professional looking. Great job! Nice color too.