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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

oh, christmas tree.

on black friday, we kept ourselves far away from the crazy sales and the crowded stores.   instead, we stayed at home in our pajamas and we got in the christmas spirit by putting up our christmas tree.  i always love decorating our christmas tree each year.  it is so nice to unwrap each ornament and to take some time to remember the memories behind each one as we put them on the christmas tree.  christmas is such a special time, especially in our house, since we got engaged on christmas day.

we put our christmas tree in our living room and we decorated it with all of our favorite ornaments.  we also put up a miniature christmas tree in our bedroom too.  when we first started dating, i started a tradition of giving ryan a picture frame ornament each year, and we always decorate our miniature christmas tree with our picture frame ornaments.  (we're going to need a bigger tree for all of our picture frame ornaments pretty soon.)

of course, we had a furry little elf who "helped" us decorate both trees.  it is really amazing how much leko loves christmas trees.  luckily he is not as interested in climbing the tree in our living room as he was last year, but he still loves to chew on the branches and to play with the ornaments.  the poor tree.  we made sure that we secured the ornaments on both of our trees very tightly, wrapping the ornament hooks around the branches several times.  we thought that maybe the ornaments would stand a fighting chance this year, but we were wrong.  leko still managed to walk off with three ornaments from our tree in the living room, and last night he actually knocked the tree in our bedroom over.  it came crashing down to the floor with such a loud thump.  miraculously, none of our ornaments broke.  we're still working on teaching leko to be nice to the christmas trees.  it's a work in progress.  maybe we'll get there by new years.

i snapped a few pictures of ryan and leko while we were decorating the christmas tree in our living room.  i can hardly stand the cuteness of these two together . . . that picture of those two giving each other eskimo kisses is where it's at my friends.  i'm telling you, my heart just explodes from the cuteness overload every time i look at it.

love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

Oh I love the way he is kissing Ryan and kissing the tree. I see the Hawaii ornament. Tree looks great.

Mom H. said...

Such cute photos! I hope Leko does not destroy your trees!