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Monday, September 16, 2013

nyc: the feast of san gennaro

yesterday we took a trip into nyc with my family to go to the feast of san gennaro in littly italy.  the annual italian festival lasts for 11 days, and it stretches for several city blocks with vendors lining the streets selling all sorts of italian goodies.  we ate our way up and down the streets of little italy, sampling sausage and peppers, braciole, arancini, and cannoli.

of course, the italian festival was so crowded.  it was shoulder to shoulder people.  at one point while we were walking through the festival, we passed a guy with a cat standing on his head.  then, a few moments later, we passed anther guy walking through the crowded festival streets with a live snake wrapped around his neck!  oh, new york.

the weather was perfect, and we had a really good time walking through the festival and spending some time in little italy . . .

^cannolis in every flavor imaginable^
^i loved how this building was painted to like an italian flag^
^paella definitely is not italian, but i loved that giant paella pan!
i want one of those for home!^

. . .

hope everyone had a great weekend!  
love, laurie

1 comment:

ma pa camlet said...

Wonderful day and it was nice sampling some different Italian food. It is amazing how a short drive the Italian food is different than our area in terms of how they make it.