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Thursday, April 18, 2013

a little trim

when i was running my hands through my hair this past weekend i realized that my ends have become really split/dry lately.  yikes.  i also realized that it has been almost a year since i last got my hair cut/trimmed.  umm, oops!  so, yesterday after work i took a trip to my trusted hair stylist for some much needed hair care.  i don't get my hair cut/trimmed often, but when it do it's like my stylist has the ability to press a reset button for my hair each time i see her.  she trimmed a little off to get rid of the split/dry ends, and now it feels so much healthier.  it's amazing how much of a difference a simple trim can make.

love, laurie


Life Happens said...

Beautiful! Wish I had hair that long. :)

ma pa camlet said...

Looking good!