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Friday, April 19, 2013

silly kitten

each morning, as we get ready for work, ryan lays out his dress clothes on the bed.  leko loves to jump up on the bed to "help" out.  he plays with ryan's belt buckles, he hides inside the waste bands of ryan's pants, and he flattens himself out across ryan's shirts and ties.  ryan has to wiggle his clothes out from under leko's furry belly, and it has become a cute little routine that we look forward to each morning now.

yesterday morning, leko decided that he was going to hold ryan's tie hostage.  the early morning sunlight was streaming in through the bedroom windows, and leko was fascinated by the dust particles floating around in the air.  (without a doubt, one his top 10 favorite things.)  leko's eyes followed the dust particles all over the room as they floated through the air, while still keeping his paw firmly planted on ryan's tie.  it took a while, but eventually ryan was able to get full dressed for work.

what a silly kitten.  he keeps us entertained for sure!  :-)

have a great weekend!
love, laurie


Mom H. said...

He sure is easily entertained and such a cutie!!

ma pa camlet said...

What a handsome boy in the sunlight on the orange tie. He should be a paw model.