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Friday, March 8, 2013

get the look for less ... how to: make your own graphic print sweatshirt

i have been seeing a lot of cute graphic print sweatshirts around the internet lately, the only problem is that they are crazy expensive.  for example, this sweatshirt from camp brand goods is $60!  in my opinion, that is entirely too much money for a sweatshirt.  who is buying these things anyway?

so, since i clearly can't afford the $60 version of this sweatshirt i decided to make my own.  that's right, i made my own and i'm so proud of it!

there are a ton of d.i.y. tutorials for making printed shirts floating around the blogosphere (like this one and this one).  so, i used those tutorials as my guide.

the best part of this project was not only that it was fun and rewarding to make my own sweatshirt, but it was just a fraction of the price of the real one.  i found the sweatshirt on clearance and the rest of the supplies were super inexpensive at the craft store.  in total, this project cost me under $10 and i was able to finish it in just one afternoon!

so, here is my step-by-step tutorial for how to make your own graphic print sweatshirt . . .

step one: gather your supplies.  for this project, you will need:
- a sweatshirt (i bought mine on clearance for just $4.89)
- freezer paper (reynold's brand just $2)
- fabric paint (tulip brand white matte fabric paint just $1.72)
- a sponge brush (just 7 cents per brush)
- an exacto knife with a new/sharp blade
- a pencil
- a ruler
- a piece of cardboard (i used a cut up cereal box)
- a cutting mat or a cutting board
- an iron

step two: measure the size of the design that you would like on your sweatshirt.  using the ruler and the pencil, draw your design on the freezer paper.  (note: be sure to draw on the side of the freezer paper without the waxy finish.)  for this project i just free handed my design, but you could use a stencil if you like.

step three: using the exacto knife and the cutting board, carefully cut out your design.  (note: be sure to save the little pieces for the insides of your letters!)

step four: lay your sweatshirt out on a flat surface and iron the front of your sweatshirt so that there are no wrinkles.

step five: line up the freezer paper on your sweatshirt (waxy side down) and carefully iron it to your sweatshirt (be sure to use a low heat setting).

step six: iron the little pieces of the freezer paper for the insides of your letters to your sweatshirt (waxy side down).

step seven: slide a piece of cardboard inside your sweatshirt, making sure that the freezer paper is centered over the cardboard.

step eight: using the fabric paint and the sponge brush, tab paint over your cut out design.  you may need a few coats (i used about 2 coats of paint).

step nine: allow the paint to dry completely.  my bottle of fabric paint said that it would take around 4 hours to dry, so i let mine dry for a little longer (about 5 hours).

step ten: once the paint is completely dry, carefully peel off the freezer paper.

step eleven: allow the paint to completely set overnight before before you wear the sweatshirt.  be sure to wait 72 hours before washing the sweatshirt.  when you are ready to wash it, turn it inside out in order to protect the painted design.

there you have it!  super simple and super cute!  
love, laurie


Anonymous said...

This turned out great, Laurie! It definitely looks like you could have bought it from a store that way. I'll have to find an old t-shirt or something around the house that I can try this on. It looks fun :)


ma pa camlet said...

You are so clever. Looks better than the real one.

Carrie Robinson said...

So this adorable! :) Love it!

Mom H. said...

You did a great job on this sweatshirt! It looks like fun.