Thursday, January 3, 2013

goals for the new year

i'm not one to make new year resolutions.  i find it silly that so many people resolve to make a list of changes to their lives each year, just to abandon ship a few weeks (or in some cases even a few days) later.  so, in the past i never took the time to write down a list of what i planned to do/change in the new year.  instead, i have always made a loosely-structured mental list of goals for myself.

there were three big goals that i set for myself in 2012:
1. pass my doctoral defense
2. graduate with my Ph.D.
3. become healthier

i'm happy to say that i actually did those three things in the past year.  i worked hard in doctoral school and persevered through some ridiculous challenges and obstacles.  it all paid off in the end, and i am really proud of myself for completing it.  however, working a desk job and being in doctoral school really took a tool on my body since i had little time to exercise and to eat healthy.  after graduation, i made changes to my diet and to my daily routine, and i feel so much better because of those changes.  while working at each of these three goals, i learned a lot about myself and really grew as a person.

now that it's january, it's time to reevaluate what my plans are for the new year.  here are a few of my loosely-structured goals for 2013 . . .

continue to eat healthy: for a good part of 2012 i was busy writing my dissertation, which meant that there was little time to cook.  often, i ate whatever was quick and easy so that i could get back to writing.  after graduation, ryan and i made a conscious effort to eat much healthier than we did before.  so, in 2013 i want to continue to eat healthy.

keep going to the gym: i have had a gym membership for years, but i only went every once in a while.  since the summer, along with eating more healthy, ryan and i have been going to the gym regularly.  i feel so much better and i have so much more energy.  (i have actually lost 18 lbs. since july!)  so, in 2013 i want to keep going to the gym and hopefully reach my goal weight.

shift my outlook: it is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life and to lose focus of what is really important.  it's also easy to take certain things and people for granted.  so, in 2013 i want to make a conscious effort to shift my outlook in order to be a bit more positive.

learn more about photography: i was lucky enough to get a digital slr camera as a graduation present from my family this past may.  since then, i have been really interested in photography.  i am far from a photography expert, but i do find it fascinating, so in 2013 i want to continue to learn more about my camera and about different types of photography.

continue blogging: this little blog of mine turned one year old this past october.  when i started my blog, i didn't know how long i would stick with it, but it has really turned out to be something that i love and it is a great hobby for me.  so, in 2013 i want to continue blogging.

have fun: it may sound silly, but sometimes life gets in the way of having fun and enjoying yourself.  so, in 2013 i want to take time to enjoy myself and to have fun.

of course, there are a few other small goals on my list for 2013 too.  but these are the main ones for this year.

what are your goals for 2013?
love, laurie


Lauren said...

I never set yearly resolutions either. Last month I decided to set monthly goals in hopes that I can obtain them more easily without giving myself a year to put them off.


Ma Pa C said...

Resolutions! Of course every year I say I am going to loose weight. Well, that always last about a week and I abandon that thought before January is over. But I too thought of trying to focus on what is important in life and not becoming involved with the things that do not matter. I hope this does not diminish wants the first person aggravates me. Good Luck to all in 2013.