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Friday, January 4, 2013

one year with leko

exactly one year ago today, we brought home our little furry baby.  it's so hard to believe that we have had leko for a whole year now!  we are proud kitten parents, and he makes our hearts melt every day.  this furry little guy of ours sure is a character, and i don't know what we would do without him!

he falls asleep in some of the funniest positions and in some of the cutest places.  he absolutely loves water and takes advantage of playing in it and drinking it whenever he can.  he is an expert bird and squirrel watcher, and he keeps a very close eye on them from the various windows around our house.  he helps us out with just about everything that we do, and he sure knows how to get himself into trouble from time to time.  he is such a ham for the camera too!

here is a little recap of our first year with leko . . .

we sure do love that silly little kitten of ours!
love, laurie


Anonymous said...

Aww! He's so cute. I can't wait until we can get a kitten :)


Life Happens said...

So adorable. I remember when you got him! He is a spoiled little guy. Hope you have a great weekend!

Mom H. said...

I love the Leko photos!!! The ones of him sleeping just make me laugh. Some of them would make great greeting cards. It has been fun watching him grow from little kitten to bigger kitten. He's great!