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Thursday, September 6, 2012

la festa italiana

eight years ago, ryan and i went on our very first date.  it was over labor day weekend, and we didn't go out to dinner or to the movies like most couples.  instead, we went to la festa italiana.  we were in college, and i didn't have a car, so ryan drove us downtown to the festival.  i remember being so incredibly nervous during that car ride, not knowing what to say.

we walked around the courthouse square and sampled the amazing variety of italian food at the festival.  at the end of the night, we stood on the corner of north washington avenue and linden street and watched the festival fireworks.  it was magical.

every year since then, it has been our tradition to go back to the italian festival over labor day weekend.  as we walk around the courthouse square each year, we reminisce about how nervous we were on that first date and how long ago it all seems.

over labor day weekend we kept our tradition alive and took two trips down to the italian festival.  of course we ate too much, and as usual the festival did not disappoint!

love, laurie


Anonymous said...

That is such a sweet tradition, Laurie! It looks like you two had such a great time. Love the pictures! Especially the fireworks - beautiful! :)


Ashley said...

Aw!! Me and my husband went out on our first date to an Italian restaurant also.

Love these pics of the fireworks....gorgeous!!

Mama said...

I can smell and taste the delicious Italian Food. I am sorry I missed the festival this year. Well then, I better take a trip to Italy.