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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

our labor day weekend

we sure did have a busy labor day weekend!  over the weekend . . .

. . . we went to a county fair.

. . . we had dessert at a new cafe with my parents.

. . . we took a hike around a nature preserve with my parents.

. . . we ate a ton of my mom's good cooking on my parent's back deck.

. . . we went to a local italian festival.

. . . we sat outside in the perfect weather and watched fireworks.

we also took some time to do a few necessary projects around our house that had been neglected for far too long.  we sure packed a lot into our labor day weekend, and of course, we ate way too much!

hope everyone had a great weekend!
love, laurie


Taylor said...

that local italian festival looks right up my alley! i love the photos from your long weekend! glad you were able to relax and enjoy it, and eat lots of food:)
ps. thanks for bearing with me while i sort out my layout issues, laurie!


The Management said...

looks like an awesome weekend! I totally want a bite of that pizza/garlic bread-looking-thingy you're holding! haha