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Thursday, January 26, 2012

mystery cake

the university that i work at takes time at the end of each month to celebrate the birthdays of the staff and faculty members.  during the month of your birthday, you receive an invitation in campus mail to attend a lunch catered by dining services.  they have a build-your-own sandwich bar and a cake, and it is a nice way to get together with other co-workers who have birthdays during the same month as you.  since my birthday is in january, i received my invitation for the january birthday lunch which was held yesterday.  when i got the invitation, i was disappointed to see that the birthday lunch was scheduled for the exact same time that i teach class on wednesdays.

when i got back to my office yesterday afternoon after teaching, i walked in and found a piece of cake on my desk with a post-it note next to it that said "happy january birthday."  at first i thought that maybe the piece of cake was from ryan, but then i realized that the note wasn't in his handwriting.  all afternoon i could not figure out who brought me the cake back from the birthday lunch.  i asked everyone in my office, but no one would admit to putting it on my desk.  what confused me even further was the fact that i had locked my office door when i left to go teach.  so, the mystery cake person had to have access to a master key for my building in order to get into my office.

all afternoon yesterday i could not figure out who the cake was from.  this morning when i came into work, our sweet office housekeeping lady, pam, asked me if i enjoyed my cake.  she said that she remembered that i had taught class from 12-2 on wednesdays, and she went over to the birthday lunch and brought a piece of cake back for me!  seriously . . . pam is the sweetest person ever!  this brought such a smile to my face.  it's so heartwarming to know that there are such sweet people in this world.  thanks pam!

mystery solved.
love, laurie


Haute Eyes said...

Such a nice tradition!! The cake looks yummy too!!


Life Happens said...

How sweet of Pam to remember! It's random acts of kindness like that that add's a smile to your face.

Hope it was yummy cake!