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Friday, December 29, 2023

our big project of 2023

i couldn't let the year end without sharing about our big project of 2023 . . . 

WE MOVED INTO A NEW HOUSE (and what a crazy ride it has been)!

we really didn't have any plans to move out of our old house which we lived in and loved for over 13 years.  it was a small but cozy home that served us well and was perfect for us.  as noah grew over the past year, we started to feel cramped and knew we needed a bit more space to spread out (and more than just one teeny tiny bathroom).

back in the early spring we took a walk around one of our favorite developments in the area.  over the years, we have walked around it many times before and admired all of the lovely homes.  on this particular walk, we saw a new home being built and something about it caught our attention.

very long story short . . . we contacted the developer and found out that it was being built as a builder spec home.  we took a tour of it and something just clicked.  since it was so early in the building process the builder and developer allowed us to really make it our own.  the floor plan was set and couldn't be altered which was great because we like the layout a lot.  however, we got the opportunity to pick a majority of the finishes and make a lot of the decisions along the way since it was so early in the build.

we definitely should get our heads examined because it was a massive project to take on with our already insane lives and schedules.  it was just too good of an opportunity to pass up and truly a once in a lifetime one at that.

we spent the spring, summer, and fall of 2023 totally engulfed with home building/designing.  it was a crazy ride.

we put our old house up for sale in the fall and sold it very quickly for asking price.  (if you would have told me that when we moved into that house over 13 years ago, i would have never believed you.)

we moved into the new house in the end of october and closed on our old house in the end of november.

we've learned to never say never.  we said we would never move . . . we moved.  we said we would never build a home . . . we (sort of) did.  here we are, and hopefully here we will stay for a very long time.

this sweet photo is one that ryan snapped during one of our many walkthroughs and checkins with the builder and developer all the way back in may of me holding noah in his future bedroom.

so, there it is . . . our very, very big (thank god we didn't kill each other in the process) project of 2023.

love, laurie


ma and pa camlet said...

I agree, never say never! If it is meant to be, it will be. And this place was being built for you guys and was meant to be. Always follow you heart.
We wish you three many, many years of love and happiness in your new home.

Mom H. said...

Building a house is the source of a lot of headaches and decisions to make, but I'm happy for you that it turned out so well, and I wish all of you many good times and good memories made in your new house.