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Thursday, June 30, 2022

celebrating the end of spring recital season

working so many shows means working a lot of nights and weekends.  since we don't get traditional days off like saturday and sunday, we have to change our schedules and take our "weekends" on weekdays sometimes.  that's exactly what we did this week.  after working straight through long hours on friday, saturday, and sunday to finish out recital season, we took tuesday off.  it was so nice to be able to get caught back up on restocking the fridge, doing laundry, mowing the grass, and running errands.

we took a little time for us and treated ourselves to a celebratory lunch at the cheesecake factory to celebrate the end of spring recital season.  we had a tasty lunch of cauliflower tacos and vegan cobb salad.  we finished it off by sharing a slice of raspberry lemon cheesecake which was so refreshing on a hot day.

it was a nice little date and a great way to end the season!

love, laurie


Mom H. said...

You both deserved a celebration after these past very busy months!

ma pa camlet said...

I am glad you take the time to enjoy yourselves. You have been working long hours.