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Monday, January 31, 2022

festival of ice

on sunday, we bundled up to face the single-digit temperatures and headed to the clarks summit festival of ice.  it's been a long time since we've checked out the annual ice festival.  we first went in 2016 and then again in 2017.

this year's theme was "frozen wilderness" so the ice sculptures were all animal themed.  even though it was so cold, we enjoyed walking around to look at the ice carvings.  it was so cold that i couldn't take my hands out of my gloves for very long to take pictures, so i only snapped a few . . . 

love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

It was cold but I am glad we went to see the creative work that talented people can do. I was really fascinated by the colored sculptures. I have never seen that before.

Mom H. said...

I am glad to see your photos because it was too cold to go to see them on Sunday. BRRR!