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Thursday, April 15, 2021

the cat statues at work have hats now!

i've mentioned before that the theatre where i work is in a building shared with 58 senior apartments.  one of the residents has these cat statues which she often decorates for each holiday.  during the pandemic she made them little masks and they have been wearing their masks ever since.  for easter a few weeks ago, they had the cutest pastel easter bonnets.  this week they got new spring sun hats with holes for their ears.  yes, she makes all of these cat statue accessories herself.  it's always the highlight of my day whenever these guys get new outfits!

and yes, there have been many times that they have caught me off guard and i have thought they were real rounding the corner to go down the hallway.  ha!

love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

Cute! She is quite a seamstress and I am so glad this senior is keeping up with her hobby of sewing to keep her busy. It is something to look forward to each season to see how she dresses the kitties. Yes, they have caught me by surprise already.

Mom H. said...

Too cute! They are really pretty realistic cat statues.