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Monday, August 10, 2020

finally! a little theatre work!

we haven't been able to have a show at our theatre since the beginning of march due to the restrictions put in place by our governor as a result of the pandemic.  indoor gatherings/events were off limits for the longest time.  now we are able to have things indoors again, but they are limited to 25 people max.  there's not a lot you can do with a limit of 25 people in a theatre!

we were able to finally have one event this past week.  a local dance company filmed their ballet production in small segments.  it will be edited together and then screened at a local drive-in movie theatre later in the month.  it took a bit of coordination, but we pulled it off and followed all of the guidelines/regulations!

now it will be quiet again in the theatre for awhile. :-(

love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

At least you were able to get your feet wet with theater work again in your own theater. I really like the lighting design, who is your designer? Is he for hire?

Mom H. said...

It is good to see theater lighting and dancers on the stage again, even though there was no audience. I'm glad you were able to get that show finished for the sake of the dancers who put so much time into preparing for their big show.