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Thursday, March 26, 2020

quarantine project #4

the university where i work announced over the weekend that they are moving classes online for the remainder of the semester . . . ugggggggggggg!!!

i mean, cooooooome on!  are we trying to kill teachers?

i sat down at the dining room table on sunday and spent hours revising my courses for the FOURTH time now.  good grief!  luckily, i had leko to help me out.

after dinner on sunday, we made an orange cranberry bundt cake with orange glaze.  it was so good and a nice treat after working so hard on recording countless virtual lectures for my students.

love, laurie


Mom H. said...

The cake looks delicious and your helper is a cutie-pie! Hopefully this is the last time that you have to change your method of teaching.

ma pa camlet said...

What a lot of work you had to go through. But of course your helper did much of the work. I hope the students get something out of it. Cake looks delicious. I love the way the glaze pooled under its little sliding boards.