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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

will travel for food

ryan was at work all day on saturday, so my parents and i took a day trip to new jersey for . . . food.  the main purpose of our trip was to go to trader joe's since we don't have a tj's any closer to where we live.  we make a few trips to different tj's each year to stock up on our favorite things.

in addition to shopping at tj's we also picked up some groceries from another grocery store we like, homemade pirogies from a store that makes nothing but pirogies, and stopped at the cheesecake factory on the way home for dinner and dessert thanks to some gift cards that my parents had.

yup, we spent the day in new jersey all revolving around food and it was a great trip!  at the cheesecake factory i had some delicious herb-crusted salmon with mango lime cheesecake!

don't feel too bad for ryan, he got a slice of s'mores cheesecake brought home for him too!

love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

Yes, it was a fun day, but it really did revolve around food. Didn't think of it like that, but you are right. No wonders diets never work for me.

Mom H. said...