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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

a celebratory cheesecake date

we both ended up with a day off on sunday so we decided to make the most of it.  we took a little day trip to the rockaway mall in new jersey and had a lunch date at the cheesecake factory.  we have been to other cheesecake factory locations before, but never that one, and ryan had never been to the rockaway mall.  we had a certificate for two free slices of cheesecake that we wanted to use before it expired and we wanted to celebrate some recent work-related good news too, so a celebratory cheesecake date was in order.

for lunch i had the grilled fish tacos and ryan had the bang-bang chicken and shrimp.  both were so good.  for dessert, we split a slice of the coffee and cream chocolate supreme and a slice of the toasted marshmallow s'mores galore.  our lunches were so filling that we ended up taking our cheesecakes home which was great because we got to enjoy them for a few more days because the portions are so humongous! 

since our schedules have been so bizarre, we haven't had much free time to spend together lately, so it was a really nice little date and a fun celebration too!  a few terrible phone pictures from sunday . . .

love, laurie


Mom H. said...

Everything looks yummy! It was nice that you finally had some time to spend together.

ma pa camlet said...

Boy does that look good. I want to know how you get certificates for free cheesecake.