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Monday, November 13, 2017

a night out at the broadway theatre league gala

on saturday evening i had the opportunity to attend the broadway theatre league's annual gala.  i have heard about this event for years (this year was their 11th gala), and ryan has even worked the event in the past, but i have never attended it.

i've mentioned before that ryan and i both work as stagehands for the international alliance of theatrical stage employees union.  in addition to being a member of the union, i am also the chair of the education committee for our union.  since i am the new chair this year, i was offered the chance to attend the gala to represent our union which works for the broadway theatre league.

it was a black-tie affair complete with a red carpet.  i found out pretty last minute that i was going, so i pieced together an ensemble in just a few days (a total cinderella moment).  i borrowed my neighbor's prom dress, borrowed my mom's matching diamond ring and earrings, re-wore my wedding heels, and did my own hair and makeup.

i had fun getting ready for the event and a lot of fun at the gala.  ryan was not able to go, but i was excited to be there with several people who i know well.  i mingled, ate, and danced on the dance floor in front of the band playing until the last song at the end of the night.  it felt like a combination of an adult prom and my wedding reception!

i really wasn't able to get many photos at all, but here are a few . . .

^i wish this picture wasn't so blurry, but you get the general idea.  it has been years since i've done my hair in an up-do.  those two star hair pins are special to me because they are exact replicas of the swarovski hair pins that emmy rossum wore when she played the role of christine in the phantom of the opera movie!  i was happy to finally have a chance to wear them.^
^the theme was black and gold, and the decor was absolutely beautiful.  i felt like i was at an elaborate wedding.  that gold star on my napkin was solid chocolate too ;-) ^
^i'm so glad i was able to get these two pictures with my two mentors from college who are now close family friends as well as co-workers!^
^i stayed until the end of the evening and they were giving away the centerpieces.  it was too beautiful not to take home with me.  as soon as i came in the door, leko gave the centerpiece a thorough investigation.  needless to say, we are now enjoying it's beauty from atop our refrigerator because that is the one place he cannot get to it to chew on the eucalyptus leaves!^

love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

You absolutely look beautiful. The dress is a great color and fits perfectly. Glad you had a great time. Was the gold star chocolate?

Mom H. said...

Wow, that was a great experience and you look beautiful! It was good that you had some friends there to help you enjoy the evening.