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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

happy techies day (and some exciting news)

i've mentioned several times before that ryan and i have been working in the theatre industry in various capacities for many, many years.  it's a deep passion that we both have and we're glad that it's something we share and can do together.  so, we couldn't let today pass by without taking a moment to say happy national techies day! 

this year's national techie day is extra special for us.  initially i wasn't planning on sharing this on the blog, but since today is national techie day i couldn't resist.  last night i was officially sworn in as a full member of the stage hands union (international alliance of theatrical stage employees).  ryan has been a member for over a decade.  he is also the treasurer, chair of the education committee, and sits on the executive board.  he has been encouraging me to join for a very long time, but i've always found a reason to put it off.  i worked as a causal (non-member) in the past and for the last year have worked as an applicant going through the long process to become a member.  i'm thrilled to say that after exactly 10 months (to the day) i completed my (very long) application/evaluation/interview/test/approval process and i'm now a full member.  i got sworn in at last night's meeting in front of the body and it brought a little tear to my eye to look over at ryan sitting behind the head table beaming with a smile ear-to-ear as i recited my oath.  he said "congratulations!" after we were finished and i thought to myself "finally!"  we both thought it was a neat coincidence that i became "official" just in time for national techies day!

techies often go unnoticed, so in honor of today, thank a techie for all of their hard work behind the scenes to make things happen!

love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

Congratulation on your induction into the union. You are an official "Techie." That is neat that you have a special day and you made it just in time. I like the smile on Ryan's face in the second picture. Yes, backstage people do go unnoticed because you create such a smooth performance that everyone watches. I guess it is best when you are unnoticed because you are not being blaming for something going wrong.
It is good to hear you are both doing your passion.

Mom H. said...

Whoo-hoo!!! Congratulations to you on all of your hard work! We now have two "official" techies in the family! It's great that you can both work in this field together. With all the hours that you both put into your jobs at least there you can see each other part of the time.