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Friday, August 25, 2017

the harford fair

last night was one of those rare occasions when ryan actually got out of work a little early and our schedules were both free at the same time.  we decided to put our free evening to good use and made a little date of it by going to the harford fair since it was 50% off admission night.  (cheap date!)

we visited the animals, strolled around the vendors and exhibits, grabbed a bite to eat, and then sat down to watch a crazy motorbike stunt show.  a few photos from my phone . . .

love, laurie

. . .

harford fair: 2015 and 2016


Mom H. said...

The animals at the fairs always look so clean and so cute. It was good that you got to relax for a bit together.

Ma Pa C said...

Looks like fun. That cage and cycles seems scary. Cute animals.