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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

a low-key birthday

yesterday was ryan's birthday.  we had originally planned to do something fun, but when we woke up in the morning we were both beyond exhausted and not really feeling 100% like ourselves.  we spent the entire weekend working a four-day concert festival and didn't get home until 3am on monday morning.  the long and late hours totally wiped us both out.  we decided to take monday slow in order to bring ourselves back among the living.  i felt bad that we weren't doing something "exciting" since it was ryan's birthday, but a low-key day together was what he wanted and it turned out to be exactly what we both needed.  we did a little shopping and then used some of his birthday coupons to grab something to eat for lunch and dessert.  it was so funny because i think we were both somewhat sleepwalking for most of the day like zombies.  we finished out the evening by opening presents and taking a very slow leisurely walk before coming back home to crash with some popcorn while watching a few shows that had backed up on our dvr.

i didn't even have the strength to dig out my camera, but i did manage to snap a few pictures on my phone.  we're looking forward to celebrating ryan's birthday with our families soon with a slightly more "exciting" party and birthday cake!

love, laurie  


Unknown said...

Every once in a while we need a slow day. You both have been overdoing it for some time now. I seem to need slow days more often lately.

Mom H. said...

It was good that you had a slower then usual day. You two are working way too hard with not enough relaxing time. Try to slow down a bit if you can. We look forward to celebrating Ryan's birthday when you have time for that.

Mom H. said...

I like that bicycle themed gift wrap.