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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

in bloom outside my window

the way my desk is situated in my office at work means that my back faces the window, and unfortunately there's no other way to rearrange the furniture.  so, i need to remind myself to stand up periodically throughout the day to look out the window.  on friday, i turned around and looked out the window to find a beautifully sunny day right before lunch time.  i took a few minutes on my lunch break to peek out and enjoy all of the gorgeous tulips that were blooming right beyond my office wall.

our campus is known for beautiful tulips each spring, but they are typically all one color.  so, i was pleasantly surprised to find a mix of yellow, orange, and pink tulips in this flower bed.  they were so pretty.  i resisted the urge to bring some of them inside my office, and instead snapped a few pictures of them on my phone.

love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

They are beautiful. I really like this year that they mixed them. It makes for a bright tulip patch. I like the colors also.

Mom H. said...

What a pretty mixture of colors! So pretty in the bright sunshine.