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Friday, April 28, 2017

snapshots from sunday in the city

we found out last minute that we had the opportunity to hop a free ride to and from nyc on sunday.  being us, we can never say no to a nyc trip . . . even if it is only to spend a few hours there.  since we didn't have much time there, we made the brooklyn botanic garden the main focus of our trip.  here are a few other snapshots from my phone from sunday (of food, of course) . . .

before heading to the garden in brooklyn, we stopped downtown to grab sunday brunch at cafe habana (an authentic cuban diner).  we shared the baja fish tacos and huevos rancheros.  both were really good.

side note: i have to say that dining in nyc often means being crammed into tight spaces with many tables and chairs shoved together, and we're totally cool with that . . . but this place took it to a whole new level.  it was so incredibly snug in there that we both literally couldn't move!  i highly, highly suggest going during a non-busy time if you want to dine inside without sitting on top of the person next to you, or getting your food to go if you can.  out of all of the places we've eaten at in nyc over the years, this took the cake for the tightest!

cafe habana is only a few steps away from rice to riches, so we couldn't pass up stopping in for dessert (especially since it has been nearly four years since we have been there last)!  after sampling a few different flavors, we landed on the mascarpone which had dried cherries in it.

it was busy inside and we were still feeling claustrophobic from brunch, so we got it to go and enjoyed it outside sitting on a park bench right across the street.  (i love that they give you those adorable reusable containers and spoons too!)

love, laurie