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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

fighting the winter blues

i definitely get bitten by the seasonal affective disorder bug every winter.  personally, i find the winter months to be so incredibly depressing (especially since we live in an area that seems to be in a perpetual state of gray dreariness from december through april).  once the excitement of christmas and new years is over, there's a long stretch of time that seems to drag.  if you're like me, here are a few things to help distract you during the winter months and tips to help fight the winter blues . . .

1. soak in as much sunshine as you can
we live in the northeast where sunshine is limited during the winter months.  when the sun is out and shining, take advantage of it and soak up as much of it as you can.  it will renew your faith in the fact that winter won't last forever and that spring will eventually come.

2. exercise
in the words of elle woods in legally blonde, "exercise releases endorphins.  endorphins make people happy.  happy people don't kill their husbands."  get out of the house and take a walk outside whenever you can in the winter (just remember to bundle up)!  if you can't get outside, do some indoor exercise.  consider trying a new exercise routine on you tube to keep you interested.

3. cook or bake something that you have never made before
since we're stuck inside for a majority of the winter (hello, cabin fever) it's a great time to try new recipes.  however, it's easy to eat a lot of comfort food during the cold months, so be sure to keep yourself in check.  (a few months from now, your swimsuit-wearing-summer self will thank you for not indulging too much over the winter.)

4. binge watch an entire tv series
we rarely watch tv in the summer months because we like to try to stay outside as long as we can and take advantage of the long days.  but, in the winter it gets dark and cold so early and it's hard to be outside after 6pm.  take advantage of it and curl up on the couch to watch something fun at night.

5. wear bight colors
despite the dreary weather and dirty snow all over, you can think warm thoughts by wearing bright colors.  it's an easy instant mood booster.

6. start a project and/or set a goal
it's easy to lose focus and motivation in the depths of the winter months.  set up something for you to look forward to in order to help pull you through.

love, laurie

1 comment:

Mom H. said...

Thankfully, the sun is out for a bit longer each day now, so we feel like spring is actually not that far off!