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Monday, September 19, 2016

apple picking!

we absolutely love going apple picking every fall.  it's become a tradition now and we couldn't wait to go again this year.  for the last few weeks, we had been planning to go this weekend.  unfortunately, we found out that ryan had to work a show that came into town so he couldn't join us, but my mom, my dad, and i still went.

the weather forecast didn't look so great for sunday, so we went prepared with umbrellas, rain ponchos, and i even wore my rain galoshes.  it had rained in the morning a little bit, but the rain stopped in the afternoon, so we headed up to the apple orchard after lunch.  it was really overcast and humid, but we lucked out because it didn't rain at all while we were there.

we picked a bunch of apples.  i actually picked 39 just in my bag alone (and that isn't counting the 2 apples i ate while i was there)!  we had a great time riding the wagon to the orchard, walking up and down the rows of apple trees, and picking/tasting all of the varieties of apples.  now i have to figure out what to make with all of these apples!

love, laurie

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Mom H. said...

The apples and pumpkins look so pretty. I'm glad the rain held off while you were there. One of these years we will be able to go along with you.

ma pa camlet said...

You caught us eating an apple. They were delicious right off of the tree. Thanks for a great day! I always love walking through that orchard and of course making goodies with all the apples.