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Thursday, June 2, 2016

sunday in nyc

i have been wanting to see an american in paris on broadway for awhile, so it didn't take much to convince me to run and buy tickets when my mom said that she wanted to see it too.  memorial day weekend was the perfect opportunity when my parents, ryan, and i were all available to head into the city for the day.

while we were in nyc, we enjoyed the beautiful weather by spending our morning at the conservatory garden in central park.  none of us had ever been to the conservatory garden before, and it was lovely.  we grabbed some lunch, saw the show, had dinner at max brenner, and then strolled around chelsea market for a bit in the evening.  it was a great day!

^while we were walking around the conservatory garden, we met a mama raccoon with her two cute baby raccoons.  i love the way that the baby raccoons waddled when they walked!  their little tiny tails were so adorable too.^
^the show was really good and the ballerinas were incredible!  it took a lot of restraint to keep my mom and me in our seats.  we wanted to jump right up on stage and join them!^
^my parents sharing a milkshake at max brenner in a cute alice in wonderland inspired cup.  it was really good!^

love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

We truly had a great day in the city with you and Ryan. Thanks for being our tour guides. The flowers were so pretty in that park and I like the array of different color peonies they had. It was hard to resist petting the baby raccoon but I am sure mama raccoon would not have approved. What a show, the dancing had my feet moving in the isles.
Thanks again for taking me to Chelsea Market, I always wanted to go ever since I had seen it on the Food Network.

Mom H. said...

The gardens and all the flowers are beautiful! I'm glad the weather cooperated for you.