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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

keep your kitties safe when traveling in the car

i was scrolling through facebook a few days ago and i came across a video which has gone viral.  a cat was sunbathing on the dashboard of a car while the car was driving down the highway.  it caught my attention because it was a cat video, but mainly because it looked so dangerous.  i had to investigate.  i found this article explaining that the lounging dashboard kitty's name is rory and he loves to stretch out and watch the sky pass by as his human mom drives along the california interstate.

although it's cute, i'm really concerned about a few things: the driver is traveling at 70mph with the cat on the dashboard, the cat is not harnessed or on a leash, and someone recorded the whole thing on video (while driving).  rory's human mom posted the video on her instagram account, and now she has now set up a separate instagram account for rory.  now this has prompted tons of other people to share videos of their cats sunbathing on dashboards while cars are in motion.

as a cat lover, here is my public service announcement for the day . . . rory is a gorgeous kitty and i love that his human mom takes him on so many adventures.  however, i beg everyone to please be cautious about letting cats roam around cars unsecured.  we have taken leko on adventures in the car, but we always make sure that he is either in his kitty taxi or on a harness/leash (see here and here).  leko is able to still enjoy watching the trees and other cars pass by while being safely secured on a leash.  cars are dangerous so take care of your kitties and keep them safe, please!

love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

You can drive him right down to see grandpa, grandma, and his three cousins.

Mom H. said...

My kitties travel in the cat carrier, which is then fastened in with the seat belt in the back seat. It seems to work very well. I don't have to worry about the carrier flying off the seat if I have to stop suddenly.