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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

driving mr. leko

on saturday, we took leko on a car ride down to my parents' house.  we took him on his first car ride last year, and he has been on several car rides since then.  (we sure are getting good use out of the harness and the leash that we bought for him!)

ryan makes the car ride like a ride in a limo for leko.  (such a spoiled kitten!)  ryan lays the seats down so that leko has plenty of room to roam around the car.  leko also has his kitty taxi, plenty of food, toys, his litter box, and blankets.

leko is always so well behaved on his little road trips.  it's so cute to watch him look out the window at the passing cars and scenery.  most of the time he usually cuddles on my lap, but every once in a while he enjoys helping ryan drive.  he's such a cute little co-pilot!

oh, the life of a kitten!
love, laurie    

1 comment:

ma pa camlet said...

Somehow that looks dangerous riding on daddy shoulder.