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Monday, December 14, 2015

our little monkey

this weekend was a blur.  kind of like this picture that ryan snapped on his phone of leko, but i still like it anyway because he is tucked so tightly into a ball taking a nap and he is just so cute.

friday night whizzed by at an unbelievable pace, saturday was absolutely crazy and turned into a very late night, and all of sunday was consumed by my dance studio's christmas show.  (i'll share pictures from the dance show soon!)  needless to say, we are both beyond exhausted and we feel like we are walking around in some type of a fog this morning.  (it doesn't help that the weather is dark and overcast outside today too.)

i just saw this morning that today is "national monkey day."  although we don't have a monkey, we do have a kitten who often thinks he is a monkey.  he climbs all over the place and all over everything, including us.  when we took him to the vet last week for his annual check up, i was holding him until it was time for the doctor to examine him.  he clung to me so tightly and wrapped his arms around my shoulders just like a monkey.  it was so sweet and cute.  we just love our little monkey kitten!

ps: tomorrow is "national cat herders day" . . . yes, seriously!  most days i feel like i am herding cats!

happy monday!
love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

Ok, what do we do on Monkey day? I do have three semi-monkeys at home. So they shall get more kisses today. I really do not think cats need herding. I think it means how they herd humans around. I am always being told what to do or where to go by my the triplets. Love Leko with that orange and pink color behind him. He looks good in any color.

Mom H. said...

Sometimes I think I am herding cats, although they are both much faster than I am, so it is more like me just trying to catch up with them!!!