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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

the eiffel tower experience at the paris hotel in las vegas

we loved staying at the paris hotel while we were in las vegas.  one of the coolest things was to see the half-scale replica of the world-famous eiffel tower every day.  the day after we went on the high roller observation wheel, we went up to the very top of the eiffel tower.

the eiffel tower experience at the paris hotel is amazing!  in just 90 seconds, an elevator takes you 46 stories above the las vegas strip to an observation deck with 360 degree views of the strip.  we really debated as to what time of the day we should go up to the observation deck.  we knew that the view would be amazing both during the day and at night.  instead of making a decision, we opted to go up in the late afternoon while the sun was still out, stay up there to watch the sunset, see the lights turn on to illuminate the strip, and see the strip all lit up against the dark night sky.  it took a bit of creativity on my part to time that just right, but boy was it worth it!

luckily they let you stay up on the observation deck as long as you like, so we stayed up there for 90 minutes.  it was absolutely breathtaking up there and the views were even more incredible than i could have imagined.  there was so much to look at.  we walked around the entire observation deck multiple times to take it all in.

the day light let us see the strip in great detail as well as the surrounding areas and the mountains.  the sunset was unreal!  shortly after the sunset, the lights of the strip lit up to illuminate the strip against the dark night sky.  wow!

another treat was that there is a perfect birds-eye view of the bellagio fountains from the eiffel tower observation deck.  since we were there so long, we got to watch the fountain show 4 different times (twice in the daylight, once during dusk, and once at night).  that was really something else!  you can hear the music from the fountains perfectly up on the observation deck.

my travel tip: just like the high roller, the eiffel tower experience has different pricing for daytime tickets and nighttime tickets.  to save some money, we purchased daytime tickets at one of the tix4tonight booths on the strip.  our tickets were good anytime up until 7:00pm for admission.  by going up a little after 5:00pm, we were able to see the strip in the daylight, watch the sun set, and see the strip illuminated at night.

and here is a little video that ryan took while we were up on top of the eiffel tower . . .

{music: "viva las vegas" by elvis presley}

love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

The view is fantastic. I am glad you were able to get both days and night photos. The lights are great. Also nice shot of the fountains.

Simple Luck Blog said...

wow! Love these all these pictures. And what a great idea! You got to experience the best of both.

Mom H. said...

That was great planning on your part to go at that time of day. The golden sunlight on the buildings contrasting with the shadows is really spectacular. The lights are all so pretty and the lit fountains are even prettier at night than in the daytime. Great job! I still say you should be working for a magazine!

inspector said...

That was nice Paris experience! I also visited France and Paris and to be honest walking next to the Eiffel tower was a very impressive stuff for me. There is a many things to do around the tower (I enjoy in caffee that was very near Eiffel). Also I remember that you can buy some souvenirs from locals for not such a huge prices. Here is one nice Paris experience from me that you can also read :