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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

four years old!

this month leko turns four years old!  we sure love our sweet fur baby and it's so hard to believe that he is four already.  he has grown so much since we first brought him home and we are so incredibly grateful that he is ours.  i snapped this picture of leko the other day and it perfectly sums up his personality right now.  this has been his favorite pose all summer long.  that fluffy tummy of his is so luscious!  as soon as i came over to him with the camera, he picked up his head to see what i was up to . . . what a cutie!  we'll be celebrating this guy's birthday all week long (with lots of tuna of course)!

love, laurie

. . . 

ps: when leko turned one, two , and three


ma pa camlet said...

That expression and that belly fur. I just want to run my fingers through it.
Kiss him up for Grandma and Grandpa.

Mom H. said...

Beware of that tummy trap!