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Thursday, August 27, 2015

it's just hair . . .

the last time i got my hair cut in the beginning of the summer i instantly fell in love with the length and the cut.  in fact, it was my favorite hair cut to date.  it fell right in line with my clavicle bone when straightened and it was so easy to manage, especially during the summer.

yesterday i decided to get my ends trimmed up for the fall.  my intention was to get it cut like i did in the beginning of the summer, but maybe just a tad shorter.  my stylist only took a little extra off, but boy did that little extra make a drastic difference.  it felt way too short (this is the shortest my hair has ever been) and i panicked a bit.

ryan (being the superhero that he is) reassured me that it's only hair and my hair grows back really quickly.  i know it will be back to "normal" before i know it, but man did it shock me when i looked in the mirror.  on the plus side, it does feel light and healthy, but i'm still looking forward to it growing out about an inch or two.

we took a photo after my hair cut (you know, for documentation sake) and leko got in on the action.  i always say he is so photogenic.  whenever he sees a camera he looks right at it and poses, i swear.  ryan snapped two photos in succession of me holding leko and when we looked back at the photos we burst out laughing because those two photos perfectly captured him yelling at ryan behind the camera.  of course i made them into a gif.  too funny!

love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

You look like Krista's big sister. Love the Leko yell.

Anonymous said...

Would you consider doing a eye makeup tutorial, your eye make up is always so nicely done. Long time reader rarely comment, love your blog :)