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Thursday, August 20, 2015

hello, kitten!

a couple of weeks ago, ryan and i were taking a walk around a nearby neighborhood in the evening for some exercise and to enjoy the nice weather.  while we were walking, we heard a cat crying and initially thought that a cat was stuck up in a tree.  after searching around, we discovered the noise was coming from a baby kitten under a bush.  she was only a few weeks old and not much bigger than a chipmunk.

a neighbor came out of her house, scooped up the kitten, and gave her to us wrapped in a kitchen towel.  the neighbor explained that the neighborhood was filled with baby kittens from stray cats who kept having kittens all summer.  the kitten was starving and in need of help.  the neighbor insisted that we take the kitten to find her a good home.

we knew right away that we couldn't keep the kitten ourselves (because leko rules the kingdom in our household) so we planned on taking her to a shelter.  however, we didn't have much luck with the shelters and the kitten was so sweet that we hated to give her away.  we kept her in our garage for a few days and gave her food, a bath, and a lot of love.

ryan's parents agreed to adopt the kitten and now she has a good home.  it's great that she is in the family because now we can visit her.  ryan's parents are still debating about a name for the new kitten but they are thinking about calling her pepper, which i think is really cute!

here are a few pictures from the last couple of weeks with the new kitten in the family . . .

^we snapped these pictures on our phones when we first found her.  ryan and the kitten fell in love with each other right away.  those two sure spent a lot of time together in our garage the first few days we had her.^
^when we drove the kitten down to ryan's parents' house, she made herself right at home.  she even ate dinner with us on the table.  she'll fit right into this family, for sure!^
^she really liked hanging out on our shoulders.  i felt like i had a little bird sitting on my shoulder.  the day we took her to ryan's parents' house she spend the majority of the time we were at the dining room table asleep on my shoulder.^
^ryan was excited to see the kitten again when we went down to ryan's parents' house this past weekend for ryan's birthday party.  all of the attention sure wore out the little girl and she fell asleep on the birthday boy's lap.  so cute!^
. . .

we sure are excited that this little kitten is staying in the family because she is such a lover and we look forward to spending time with her and seeing her grow!

love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

She is beautiful. I love the expressions on her face. She is going to be very smart and of course in charge of all the adults. I hope Ginger accepts her as her little sister. Thank you for rescuing her and Thank you to Pam and Don for adopting her. Can't wait to see her again.

Mom H. said...

She has been a busy little kitten; she loves to explore the house, and it's fun to watch her playing with some little cat toys. She eats a lot and has a lot of energy!!! I hope she and Ginger become friends!