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Monday, July 13, 2015

take a break with chobani flips

my whole family loves yogurt, especially greek yogurt, and we are huge chobani fans.  (in fact, when ryan and i recently took a road trip with my mom to north carolina in june, my mom packed an entire cooler full of chobani yogurt to take with us on the car ride!  we're all addicted.)

chobani's latest campaign (the #breakyoumake project) encourages people to take a break from their crazy schedules and to snack on chobani's flip yogurts.  with our hectic schedules and our love of yogurt, that's a campaign we can certainly get behind!

we all know someone in our lives who deserves to take a break for the daily grind.  one person i know who really is in need of a break is ryan.  even though it's summer, ryan's schedule has not slowed down at all.  he runs around like crazy doing so many different things while still keeping a positive attitude and a smile on his face.  despite all the craziness he always stays so calm, cool, and collected.  on sunday, we took an afternoon break to enjoy the nice weather outside with a little yogurt picnic just for the two of us.  it was nice to take a break to clear our heads and to snack on flips.  we scraped the containers clean, savoring every last bite!

chobani's flip yogurts come in a so many different flavors, including:
- strawberry summer crisp
- peanut butter dream
- coffee break bliss
- chocolate haze craze
- salted caramel crunch
- almond coco loco
- key lime crumble
- nutty for 'nana
- peachy pistachio
- tropical escape
- clover honey

we have tried a bunch of flavors and it's hard to pick a favorite because they are all so good!  ryan loves the key lime crumble because it tastes just like key lime pie (but healthier!) and i love the almond coco loco because it tastes so tropical.  the nutty for 'nana is one of my favorites too.

really, they're all delicious!  i'm a huge fan of peanut butter and coffee so i'm really looking forward to trying the peanut butter dream and the coffee break bliss next!

it's important to step back and take a break from time to time and chobani's flips are the perfect snack when you need a break.  they're great any time of the day for breakfast, afternoon cravings, or late night snacks.  the combination of creamy and nutritious greek yogurt with delicious flip-in toppings like seeds, nuts, and chocolate makes for a unique and satisfying snack.  when snacking, i like to choose healthy snacks.  chobani's flip yogurts are made without preservatives, artificial ingredients, or artificial sweeteners.  that's something you can feel good about.

who in your life deserves a break?  sit them down for a much needed break and enjoy a yogurt snack with them!  be sure to visit chobani's break you make page to score a coupon for chobani's flip yogurts too!

love, laurie

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I think I will take a break from my mango Chobani yogurt to try a flip. They look very tasty.