Friday, July 10, 2015

fun links

happy friday!  this week seemed exhausting.  i'm so glad that the weekend is here.  the forecast is predicting nice weather this weekend (no rain!) and i am looking forward to spending some quality time with ryan and leko.  here are a few fun links that i found around the internet recently:

1. i am absolutely obsessed with peanut butter and jelly, so this pb+j pie looks absolutely delicious!

2. this kitchen is gorgeous.  the color combination is so clean and inviting.

3. up-cycled lampshade vases - so clever!

4. in need of a new pair of glasses or sunglasses?  email me for a coupon code for $10 off a pair of frames at firmoo good through the month of july.

5. a helpful guide to keep your plants green and growing strong

6. pistachio yogurt popsicles - yes please!

7. a panda daycare?!  sign me up!

8. ha!  i love this t-shirt!

9. looking for something to watch on tv this weekend?  check out the hallmark channel's paw star game (just like their kitten bowl in the winter)

have a wonderful weekend!
love, laurie

1 comment:

Barbara Camlet said...

Oh my goodness, would I love to be in the middle of all those pandas cuddling them. Way too much cuteness.

I also love the t-shirt. Never thought of baking that way, but baking sure does relieve stress.