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Monday, June 15, 2015

dance recital

i mentioned before that i got back into ballet classes this year.  i have really enjoyed taking lessons and having an opportunity to dance again these past few months.  it has been so good for both my mind and my body.  dance (particularly ballet) is in my blood.

over the weekend my studio had its annual spring dance recital and i was trilled to be a part of it.  i danced in two numbers, one was a ballet pointe dance to the phantom of the opera and the other was cinderella (where i got to dance the role of cinderella)!  it was the first time i have performed on stage in about nine years.  it was a blast and i had such a great time!

it was fun to be able to work on another show with ryan, who ran the sound board for the recital.  here are a few photos ryan took during the show.  (please excuse the poor quality of the photos, ryan was multitasking, and the combination of the theatre lights and moving dancers made the pictures a bit blurry.)

^ryan took a few photos of my costumes at home.  i loved the purple and black coloring of our costumes for the phantom of the opera ballet.^
^the cinderella dance was comprised of several different songs, starting with servant cinderella and transforming to princess cinderella in the middle of the dance right on stage.  we created a tearaway costume which made a really cool effect for the costume change onstage.^
^at the end of the recital, my dance teacher gave me a bouquet of six white roses.  it was so sweet of her and it meant so much to me!^

love, laurie

1 comment:

Mom H. said...

The costumes turned out to be really pretty; I especially like the Cinderella princess costume. I'm glad you got a chance to participate in the show and I'm glad also that you have been enjoying dancing again.