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Friday, May 29, 2015

cardboard cat maze

if you walk into our house on any given day, you are sure to find a variety of cardboard boxes in various rooms.  the boxes change periodically, but there are usually at least a few boxes hanging out around our house.  no, we're not collecting cardboard for recycling.  leko (like most cats) just loves to play in, on, under, and around boxes.  he even loves "stapling" boxes.  (remember this video of him from 3 years ago?)

right now we have an upside-down box in our kitchen with a hole cut out on one side which is his "garage" and another short squatty box that floats around the downstairs which he uses as a "magic carpet."  upstairs it's no different.  there are two boxes in our home office which are, of course, the "lincoln tunnel" and the "holland tunnel."  we've come to accept this as normal in our house . . . but hey, if it makes the king of the castle happy then who am i to question it!

since we know the fun of boxes with kitties all too well, i just could not stop laughing when i found this video.  i dare not show it to leko or else he will insist that we build this contraption for him!

have a fabulous weekend!
love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

Well I think Grandma will show Leko that video. He definitely needs that maze. I love the paws going on that one cat.
You mean to tell me that Ryan is not King of the Castle!
I guess Kitties Rule.

Mom H. said...

This is so cute. I love the gray and white one with the paws going like he is conducting an orchestra. Don't let Leko see this!!!