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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

no more snow please!

it was a slap in the face when we got several inches of snow on march 20th which was the first day of spring.  it was even more insulting to get a few more inches of snow yesterday on the last day of march.  is this some kind of cruel april fools joke?!

i snapped this picture on my phone yesterday afternoon looking out my office window at work.  it looked like a winter wonderland outside . . . but it's supposed to be spring!

we were just finally able to see the grass again after the last time it snowed, and of course then we had to get more snow yesterday to cover the grass back up.  rude!  the sun is shining today, so i'm hoping it will melt all of the snow away.

happy april!
love, laurie


The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Wishing you sunshine and warm weather!

Mom H. said...

We had snow yesterday, too. It came down in huge flakes and covered the ground, but we did not get as much as you did, and it all melted today. I hope that is the last snow of the season!

Unknown said...

The snow this year does not want to quit. It did look beautiful on the trees.
I am just hoping no more days off from school from the snow!