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Monday, January 19, 2015

my sleepy little helper

i sat down over the weekend to sew one of the ribbons on my pointe shoes that had come loose during ballet class.  of course leko was right there on my lap to help me.  he just can't resist an opportunity to play with string or thread.  he always gets excited when he sees me bring out the sewing kit.  (he was a huge "help" last spring when i was sewing a set of pot holders.)

all of the sewing must have worn him out, because before i knew it he was passed out on the blanket on my lap with his little turtle catnip toy.  i couldn't resist the cuteness.  luckily i had my phone nearby to snap a picture of him while he slept there so peacefully.

we're excited to have the day off today and leko sure is happy that we're not at work!  hooray for three-day weekends!

love, laurie