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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

a winter walk along the river

the weather has been ridiculously cold and gross lately.  on sunday the temperature "warmed up" to 30 degrees.  it felt nice compared to the single digits that we have endured recently.  to keep ourselves from going stir crazy indoors, we bundled up and took an evening walk along the nearby river before the sun went down.  everything was icy and snowy.  it was so calm and peaceful.

for my birthday last week, ryan bought me a new camera lens!!!  i have had my eye on this lens for such a long time, but never thought i would be able to get it, so it was an amazing surprise when i opened it up on my birthday.  (that husband of mine is good, i'll tell ya!)  he got a great deal on the lens and he even got several cool accessories to go with it, including a set of lens filters and a lens hood.  it was such a great surprise!  even though it was overcast and dreary, i was excited to try out my new lens, one of the filters, and the hood as we walked along the river.  i can't wait to play with everything more and to learn more about it!  i already told leko he is going to be my test subject as i learn how to use my new lens and accessories.  luckily he is a really photogenic kitten!

today the temperature is back down in the teens in our area.
stay warm!

love, laurie


Simple Luck Blog said...

Beautiful photos!
Even though winter can be pretty dreadful, at least it has its own kind of beauty.

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

So beautiful!

Mom H. said...

Brrr, but pretty! I'm looking forward to seeing the new lens.

ma pa camlet said...

Wow, that is something you wanted. It takes beautiful pictures. Love the one with the reflection of the trees. Send them to Photolink at WNEP.
Looking forward to seeing what you can do with the new lens. What you have done before has been high quality. What will this do? Look out Leko, you will be the most photographed kitten.