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Monday, August 4, 2014

our anniversary weekend in nyc - part 1

to celebrate our four year wedding anniversary, we spent the weekend in nyc!  it was such a great weekend and we had so much fun spending time in our favorite city.  my parents joined us on friday, and then we spent the night in the city and came home saturday night.  as always, we covered a lot of ground while we where there.  here's what we did on friday . . .

^we started the day on friday morning by visiting shakespeare garden in central park.  the four-acre garden was filled with such beautiful flowers.  walking around the garden, it is easy to totally forget that you are in the middle of nyc.  it is so peaceful and serene.  i loved all of the flowers, especially the bright orange tiger lillies!^
^while we were in central park, we also visited belvedere castle.  it was built in 1869 and it is the highest lookout point in central park.  the views of the park and the city were gorgeous.  the castle's name means "beautiful view" in italian, which is so appropriate.  i just love finding hidden gems like this in nyc!^
^belvedere castle overlooks turtle pond.  we couldn't believe how many turtles there were sunning themselves on the rocks at the edge of the water!  as it turns out, there are five different species of turtles that live in the pond.^
^beautiful flowers for sale along amsterdam avenue on the upper west side.  sunflowers are such happy flowers!  nyc flowers are always so bright and colorful, and cheap too!^
^we ate lunch at cafe lalo which of course is famous for being featured in the movie you've got mail.  i have watched my old vhs copy of you've got mail so many times that i can recite it by heart.  it is one of my all time favorite movies, so being at cafe lalo was absolutely awesome.  our veggie sandwiches were delicious, and our slices of cake were so good too.  we couldn't get over how many dessert options they had.  it was unbelievable.  seriously though, check out their menu, it's nuts!^
^on our walk back from cafe lalo, we popped in levain bakery for a dark chocolate peanut butter chip cookie to go . . . really, because why not?^
^we saw the matinee show of wicked on broadway.  i saw wicked ten years ago (in august of 2004 with my brother) but ryan and my parents never got to see it.  they have been wanting to see it for so long, and we finally got tickets at a great price.  they loved it and i loved seeing it a second time.  such a great musical!^
^after the show, we went to the museum of modern art for a little bit.  moma offers free admission on fridays after 4pm, so we figured that we would take advantage of that.  you know, modern art is just not my thing, but it was nice to see moma (especially for free).^
^we had dinner at friend of a farmer down in gramercy park.  our dinners were delicious!  (excuse the terrible iphone photos, it wasn't the type of restaurant where i could just whip out my camera.)  we sat upstairs, and we loved how the inside of the restaurant looked like an old barn.^
^to work off our dinner, we strolled through eataly and around a few shops in the flatiron district before heading down to our hotel.  eataly is absolutely amazing, and i can't wait to go back when i'm not full from just eating dinner!  we had such a great day in the city on friday.  such an awesome way to celebrate our anniversary!  it was so nice to enjoy the city with my parents too.^

love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

That was a very nice day in the city and we are glad that we got to share it with you. Excellent food, show, sites, and tour guides.

Mom H. said...

I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed your special day. You really did pack a lot into the day!! Central Park looks really pretty.

Kaycie Eddie said...

That dress is so pretty on you! Jealous of your fun trip!