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Monday, July 7, 2014

our 4th of july weekend

our 4th of july weekend was a whirlwind.  ryan had to work all day on friday, so i spent the day with my parents, and ryan and i made plans to celebrate the 4th of july with our families on saturday.  

however, our plans were put on hold when i had to rush ryan to the emergency room at 3:00am on saturday morning.  ryan sure gave me a scare, but thankfully he is doing much better now.  we scaled back our original plans so that ryan could take it easy, and we had our families join us on saturday evening for a calm dinner on our back screen porch.  we had cheeseburger sliders, hot dogs, corn salad, potato salad, couscous salad, watermelon, and homemade pickles for dinner.  for dessert, we enjoyed the homemade strawberry ice cream that ryan and i made last week.  (it was a crazy day, but i did manage to snap two pictures when everyone sat down to eat dinner!)

on saturday night after everyone left, i drove ryan to a look-out point near our house.  we parked the car and sat there to watch several different firework displays in the valley below us.  it was a really neat vantage point, and it was cool to see so many different fireworks all at once.  it was also much less hectic than trying to battle the crowds to see the fireworks display downtown in courthouse square. 

we spent the day at home on sunday so that ryan could rest and recuperate.  the weather was beautiful, so we were able to enjoy a few hours leisurely floating in the pool.  i can't believe it's monday already.  it feels like the 4th of july just flew right by!       

love, laurie

1 comment:

ma pa camlet said...

We enjoyed our day on the 4th you and Ryan. The food was delicious and liked the ideas of sliders instead of a huge hamburger.
Glad that Ryan is starting to feel better.