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Monday, February 17, 2014

our valentine's day

 ^pretty flowers from ryan^ 
 ^a cute valentine's day balloon which leko absolutely loves^
 ^our furry little valentine^
 ^italian take out for dinner^
 ^our heart shaped chocolate cake for dessert^
 ^tickets to see the tour of jersey boys^

there was such a big snow storm on friday and we had the day off work again.  we were thrilled to be able to stay home on valentine's day!  we spent the day relaxing around the house (and shoveling the snow of course).  instead of making dinner or going out to dinner, we decided to get take out from a nearby italian restaurant (chicken parm, spaghetti, garlic bread, and salad).  for dessert we made a heart shaped cake with festive heart shaped sprinkles.  after dinner, the roads were pretty clear so we went to a nearby theatre see the tour of jersey boys.  we absolutely loved the show, it was so good!  hope everyone had a lovely valentine's day too!
love, laurie


his little lady said...

Sometimes having a relaxing time staying at home is the best kind of Valentine's Day! Love all of this :)
xo TJ

ma pa camlet said...

Chicken Parm is always and excellent choice. Cake is beautiful and the color of the icing is a raspberry color and tasty too.
I hope you let Leko have some chicken and sauce.