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Friday, December 27, 2013

christmas day 2013

on wednesday, we celebrated christmas day at our house.  in the morning, we had breakfast and opened up our christmas presents.  leko really got into opening the presents.  he even helped open a few presents by ripping the wrapping paper with his teeth!

in the afternoon, our families came up to visit.  we had dinner and then for dessert we had our traditional tiramisu and christmas cookies.  (i can't believe that i forgot to take pictures of dinner and dessert!  i guess we all were just too excited to eat!)

after dinner, we exchanged gifts with ryan's parents and ryan's grandmother.  ryan's mom made leko a little sock filled with catnip, so he was a happy camper for the rest of the night.

it was so nice to celebrate christmas day with our families!  hope everyone had a wonderful christmas day too!

here's a little video of leko opening one of his christmas presents . . .

^the aftermath^

merry christmas!
love, laurie


Mom H. said...

Great photos! What was in Leko's package?

ma pa camlet said...

I love the wrapping on the fish place mate. He knew it was for him and he opens it so dainty.
Thanks for a great Christmas day dinner and memories.