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Monday, December 9, 2013

celebrating my mom's birthday with brunch and a local inn tour

on sunday, we got together with my parents to celebrate my mom's birthday.  we drove down to their house in the morning and we kicked off my mom's birthday celebration with brunch.  for brunch, ryan and i made fruit salad, baked french toast with coffee cake topping, and a fritatta loaded with ham, tomato, cheddar, and parmesan cheese.  after we ate, my mom opened her birthday present and we had dessert.  for dessert, we made a smaller version of this andes mint cake.

after brunch, we bundled up to stay warm, and we headed out to a local inn tour.  every year, the local business association where my parents live organizes a tour of the inns around my parents' house.  they give you a map of the participating inns, and you drive around to see as many inns as you like.  in total, we saw six inns and one railroad station (which is now a museum).

the inns were absolutely beautiful since they were decorated for the holidays.  as we went around to the different inns, it began snowing.  it was so pretty to see the fresh snow on the beautiful inns decorated for christmas.  we toured the inns, and sampled some of their great food too.

here are a few pictures from two of the inns that we visited.  the one even had a life-size gingerbread house!

we had such a great time celebrating my mom's birthday yesterday!

hope everyone had a great weekend too!
love, laurie


Mom H. said...

I love the photo of the three of you with the three kittens; you are even color-coordinated with the kittens! Skytop looks beautiful; the photo of you in front of the inn with the sleigh behind you is especially pretty.

ma pa camlet said...

I had a fantastic day. Great brunch and Inn Tour all wrapped into one day. I thank the both of you for making my birthday special. The food was delicious and the cake is one of my favorites. And of course the snowflake for my collection. I am so glad Ryan took a picture of us holding the triples. I do no have a picture of all three of them because I can not get them to stand still together.
Thanks again for all that you did. Love you both