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Thursday, October 10, 2013

snip, snip!

for the past few weeks i have been noticing that my hair has been in need of some serious help.  i have been so busy lately that my hair has been majorly neglected, and my ends have become really split and dry.  i'm not one to get my hair cut often.  in fact, i usually only get my hair trimmed/cut once or twice each year.  i have always had really long hair and i hate to see it get shorter whenever i get it trimmed/cut, but sometimes it is really necessary.  let me tell you, it was necessary.  plus, i needed a change.

i realized that it's been six months since i last had my hair cut.  no wonder my hair was looking so bad.  so, last night after work i took a trip to my trusted hair stylist for some much needed hair care.  she cut several inches off in order to get rid of all of the dead ends.  it's amazing how much healthier and lighter it feels now.  i opted for a simple blunt cut, instead of layers, and it's a nice change.  hello again, healthy hair!

love, laurie


Anonymous said...

Did you dye it too? It looks a lot darker. I really love the color in this picture. It's so pretty :)

Laurie said...

Lauren - No, I didn't dye it. I've actually never dyed my hair. It naturally gets lighter in the summer when I am outside in the sun a lot, and then darker in the winter when I am mainly indoors. It probably looks darker because we took the picture so late at night and there was little light in the room. Thanks, Laurie

ma pa camlet said...

Wow Beautiful!! Your hair has red highlights and look fuller.