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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

pretty darn impressive . . .

when ryan was in high school, he was a member of the marching band.  he has such fond memories of playing in the marching band at football games, and he often tells stories about the crazy uniforms they had to wear, band bus rides, and whatnot.  (as for me . . . i went to a small private high school that didn't have a football team, much less a marching band.)

the other day, ryan found this video of a half-time show that the ohio state university marching band recently performed at a football game.  ryan was completely in awe after watching the video, and he insisted that i watch it too.  i have to say, i am pretty darn impressed by this video.  i guess there is a reason that the ohio state university marching band's nickname is "the best damn band in the land."

in this video, the marching band performs a video-game themed half-time show.  the entire show is about nine minutes long, and the marching band only had one week to learn the songs and the choreography!  how it's possible to get that many students to coordinate their movements is just beyond my comprehension.

seriously, this is cool.  in their field show, the marching band not only plays the music from several well-known video games, but they also re-create the characters, scenes, and logos from video games with their formations too.

the tetris segment and the super mario bros. segment are two of my favorites.  however, ryan and i agree that the running horse near the end of the video is by far the most impressive.  (does anyone know which video game the running horse is from?)

happy wednesday!
love, laurie 


Struemke Wellness said...

Love this!!! :)

Mom H. said...

I am not a user of video games so I can't identify which formation is from what game. But I have to say that this band was terrific. I know how hard Ryan's band practiced to get the formations correct, and they only had one show to perform. This band has to learn a new show each week, as does Penn State and Temple and maybe other university bands as well. The formations are so precise that they must practice everyday to get it perfected in time for each show. Amazing! I also loved the horse and also the "Game Over" near the end.

ma pa camlet said...

Very, very impressive! I can't remember doing anything like that as a twirler. And only a week to learn and perfect it. That was a marathon of practices.

For the horse how about The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Jena Roach said...

The band has always fascinated me. I mean, you can play AND march? That's pretty dang impressive. I always loved seeing them at our football games in college.